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Dental Implants in London

Why consider Dental Implants?

Do you have missing teeth? If you do then dental implants in London could be an alternative for you. If you don’t replace missing teeth then over a period of time your gums and bone can resorb where the tooth is missing, this means that in the future if you decided you wanted to have an implant it may either be very difficult or you may need some form of bone grafting in order to rebuild the bone.

Your teeth are also in perfect harmony with one another, so if a tooth is removed then the tendency is for the adjacent teeth, and the opposing teeth to fall into the space where the old tooth was. Over time this can begin to affect your ability to chew and may also affect your bite. Bite problems can lead to difficulties eating and may also lead to headaches and other problems around the jaw.

This means that if you have teeth missing there is a biological and health reason to do everything you can to replace them, not to mention aesthetic reason.

What are Dental Implants?

In basic terms dental implants are a man made and manufactured alternative to the natural root of your tooth. Generally speaking implants are made from high specification dental and medical grade titanium. The amazing thing is that the human body does not recognise titanium as a foreign object, this means the dental implant will totally integrate with the natural surroundings of your jaw.

The dental implant is placed into the jaw where your natural root used to be, on top of this we create a natural looking replacement for the tooth. The overall result is that no one would know you have ever had a tooth missing.

London dental implants are an ideal solution for replacing Missing Teeth, Bridges or Dentures and are the next best thing to natural teeth. The tooth would be fixed to your jawbone allowing us to build a permanently secure and natural looking tooth.

Why should you choose to do dental implants with a periodontist specialist?

If you wanted a dental check-up, you would go to see a general dentist. If your teeth needed straightening, you would go to an orthodontist. Or, if you had an aesthetic problem with the appearance of your teeth, you might consult a cosmetic dentist.

So, when it comes to a procedure that involves dental implant surgery, why wouldn’t you want a dental implantologist to treat you? A dentist with additional training, who specialises in the surrounding tissues of where the dental implant is placed. 

As a patient, you’ll want to know that you have highly trained professionals on your side, who have plenty of experience in inserting dental implants into the jawbone and fitting prosthetic teeth. Successful dental implant treatment is a team effort, with contributions from various specialists.

For example, periodontists can help to assess the gum tissue and how it connects with the bone underneath, where the implant will be inserted. Maxillofacial surgeons may be called upon if bone grafts are required. Implantologists, or prosthodontists, can carefully design replacement teeth and their positioning to achieve the best results.

At The Dental Centre, you can be confident that you’re in safe hands when you come to us for dental implants in London. We will guide you through every step of the implant process, ensuring you receive the best dental care for your needs.

Dental Implants London - The Dental Centre

How Are Implants Used? What Is The Procedure?

The procedure for placing dental implants in London is a minor surgical one which most patients have under a local anaesthetic. However if you are especially nervous of the dentist then we can provide oral sedation to help you relax during the entire procedure.

If you have a single tooth missing then we will only use a single dental implant. If you have two teeth missing then two dental implants will probably be used. However, if you have three, four or even five teeth missing then the chances are we will still only use two dental implants, and suspend the remaining teeth between these dental implants. This keeps the cost of dental implants lower and means the whole process is slightly simpler.

Cost of Dental Implants in London

As with many things in dentistry to give an exact cost of dental implants is particularly difficult. There are so many variables such as bone grafting, sedation, number of teeth missing and the location of teeth missing which will affect the overall price and cost of dental implants. To make the whole process simpler we have added a voucher to the right hand side of his website which entitles you to a massive 60% saving on our initial assessment consultation. This is an ideal opportunity to discuss implants with us further.

Dental Implant Problems

Dental implants in London have a very high success rate and typically last many years. One of the problems with replacing teeth with a dental bridge, for example, is that the natural teeth underneath the bridge could possibly require further treatment at a later stage.

With dental implants, because we don’t have to involve the adjacent teeth, this keeps them healthy and so the dental implant stands a higher chance of surviving for longer period of time.

Overall this means that the problems with dental implants are very few and far between.

One of the biggest causes of problems with dental implants is if the patient smokes, this is a particular contraindication to having implants as it impedes the ability for your gum to heal in the event of any problem.

The Dental Centre London is proud to welcome the people from the local Euston and WC1 areas and invite you to join us at our dentist in London for an initial consultation with a 60% discount, simply complete the form to the right hand side of this page now.

Dental Implants London - The Dental Centre


Frequently Asked Questions

Do teeth implants hurt?

We understand that whether you’re fearful of the dentist or not, the idea of dental implants can be a daunting one, but there’s no need to be concerned. Here at the Dental Centre London, we perform all of our implant procedures under local anaesthetic, with the option of oral sedation for especially nervous patients. So there should be no pain or discomfort at all during this minor procedure.

Of course, the more implants you have the more discomfort you may experience in the days following your treatment, but this should easily be managed by over the counter pain medications.

I have several missing teeth – can I still have dental implants?

Yes. Whether you’re missing one tooth or several, we can help. We will often suspend prosthetic teeth between two implants where there are a number of teeth missing, helping to keep costs down and making the procedure more straightforward.

How do I maintain dental implants?

When you choose us to perform your dental implant treatment, you will receive thorough aftercare as well as plenty of information to take home that will help you to maintain your new smile.

We do advise any patients who previously smoked try to quit, as smoking can prevent the gums healing and could lead to complications with your new implant. We will also advise you on the best ways to clean your new implants, although care is not too dissimilar to regular oral maintenance so it should be easy to keep up with.

What is the best age for dental implants?

Dental implants can reinstate confidence and a full, healthy smile – and the great news is that there is no age limit to who can have them fitted. Generally speaking, dental implants aren’t recommended for children or teens under 18 years of age, but there is no upper limit.

How much does it usually cost for dental implants?

The cost of dental implants in London can vary dramatically depending on a range of factors, including how many implants are needed and what sort of preparations are necessary.

Here at The Dental Centre London, we don’t want finances to get in the way of you achieving the smile you deserve, which is why we work hard to offer competitive rates for our implants, as well as any prep work that may need to be carried out such as bone grafting.

To find out more about our fees, please feel free to get in touch.

How long before dental implants feel normal?

We understand that the process of getting dental implants can feel like a long one, but it’s more than worth it for the fantastic end result! Once your procedure is complete, it can take anywhere between 6-12 weeks for the gums to fully heal. Once healing has taken place, you should start to notice that you can smile, eat and drink as though they were your own teeth.

How long do implants last?

Our high quality dental implants in London are designed to last for several years, but they do require the same levels of care as your natural teeth would in order to get the very best out of them.

If you brush and floss regularly, and ensure you attend all your check-ups, you could enjoy your new smile for well over 30 years, making it a much more long-term solution when compared to the likes of dentures.

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