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What are Incognito lingual braces?

While traditional braces are bonded to the front of the teeth, making them immediately visible, lingual braces in London offer a much more discreet alternative. 

These braces are also known as invisible braces or hidden braces because they are fitted to the back of the teeth rather the front. As they are shaped to the inner surface of your teeth, the brackets and wires are essentially hidden from view.

They work in the same way as traditional braces, using pressure to gradually move the teeth into a new position – but most people won’t even realise they are there.

This is why Incognito braces in London are a top choice for many patients who want to straighten their teeth without anyone knowing, and without having to remove and replace a clear aligner every time they want to eat or drink.

Designed by 3M Unitek, the Incognito brace system uses top-of-the-line CAD and milling technology to precisely engineer braces for the unique contours of your teeth.

With a slim and smooth profile, made from anti-allergic gold alloy, Incognito lingual braces offer the ultimate in comfortable and undetectable braces for modern lifestyles.

Lingual invisible braces

How do Incognito braces work?

The process of getting invisible braces in London is similar to standard braces. First, you must attend a consultation at The Dental Centre, where we can assess your teeth and confirm your eligibility for this type of orthodontic treatment.

If you are a good fit for Incognito braces, we will create a custom treatment plan to move your teeth into the right position, discussing the treatment length and cost with you in detail.

When you proceed with your treatment plan, you will come back to have impressions taken of your teeth – whether this is a digital scan or dental mould – which will then be sent to the lab. 

It can take several weeks for your bespoke lingual braces to be crafted for you, after which you can attend the next appointment to have your brackets and wires fitted. 

Our orthodontist will explain everything you need to know about looking after them to make sure you get the best results from your investment.

This will include attending routine appointments at regular intervals so our orthodontist can inspect your braces, check the progress of the movement of your teeth, and adjust the wires – keeping your treatment schedule on track.

Who can get lingual braces in London?

The great thing about lingual braces is that people of any age can wear them without worrying about how the brackets and wires affect their appearance. Suitable for most patients, from teenagers to adults in their sixties or older, invisible braces can straighten teeth without being seen.

Though it’s also an option for teens, this type of hidden brace system is especially ideal for adults who want to maintain a professional appearance in client-facing jobs, anyone who has a big life event coming up, or people who play wind instruments or contact sports. 

Only an expert orthodontist can tell you whether Incognito invisible braces would be the best treatment option for your teeth, so why not book a consultation at The Dental Centre and find out?

As a leading practice for orthodontics in London, we can discuss the available options and costs to ensure you make the most suitable decision for you and your lifestyle.

To learn more about our lingual braces in London, call our team on 020 7380 0034, or email any questions you might have to [email protected].

You can also provide your details via the contact form on this page, and we will get back in touch promptly to confirm the information and set up your orthodontist appointment.

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