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What are dental veneers?

Do you have a chipped tooth or multiple chipped teeth? Are your teeth otherwise healthy, but the chipped parts make you embarrassed to smile openly?

Veneers in London could be the smile-restoring solution you’ve been looking for – especially if the teeth are also discoloured due to damage from being chipped.

Dental veneers are thin shell-like layers of material, usually porcelain or ceramic, which are custom-shaped and bonded to the surface of the teeth to complete a cosmetic restoration.

Porcelain veneers are produced in a dental lab and applied to the front surfaces of the teeth, while composite veneers are moulded from composite resin by hand and applied in the dentist’s chair.

Like a false nail over a fingernail, but far more durable, dental veneers protect the natural teeth underneath and disguise cosmetic flaws, giving them a more aesthetically attractive appearance.

Dental veneers are applied individually, so whether you treat one tooth or multiple, they will be customised to match the colour and opacity of your other teeth and fitted precisely to ensure your veneers look as natural as possible.

When you come to The Dental Centre, we can design and fit veneers in London that improve your smile without sacrificing the unique qualities that make it yours.

Porcelain Veneers London

When investing in cosmetic dentistry, many people prefer to go for the premium option, which in this case is porcelain veneers. They are higher quality, more resilient, and more stain-resistant than the alternative composite veneers.

The porcelain veneers procedure typically requires two to three appointments, if you include the first consultation, when a dentist will assess your teeth and design a treatment plan with you.

The second step after the consultation is for the dentist to prepare the tooth by removing up to 1mm of outer enamel, creating space for the veneer and a rougher surface for it to adhere to. The dentist will then take a mould of your prepared teeth and send it to the dental lab.

You will leave with temporary veneers in the meantime, and once your permanent veneers are ready, you will return to have them cemented to your teeth through light-activated curing.

Porcelain veneers will look like your natural teeth, but better – concealing unsightly chips and staining and allowing you to smile confidently again for many years to come. This material can last for more than a decade when maintained well.

As porcelain is longer-lasting than composite, this also means that porcelain veneers in London cost more – but when repairing one or two flawed teeth, they are still a cost-effective investment.

Composite Veneers London

Should you want to restore the appearance of a chipped or broken tooth quickly, comfortably, and affordably, composite veneers are the less costly alternative to the conventional porcelain version.

This is a form of composite bonding that involves moulding a composite resin material over the teeth rather than manufacturing shell-like covers in a dental lab to be fitted at a later date.

The composite veneer procedure is minimally invasive compared to the preparation required for porcelain veneers, as it can often be done using etching gel rather than drilling – a process that can be less worrying for nervous patients.

Excluding the prior consultation, this procedure also has the benefit of taking a single visit to complete, as the dentist will prepare your teeth, apply and sculpt the composite resin, then cure and polish it all in the same appointment.

You will choose the shade of the composite when agreeing on your treatment plan, so the colour will match your teeth and the finish will match their natural polish. When you leave the dentist’s chair, your new veneers will blend in completely.

Taking just one appointment, with little to no recovery required, composite veneers in London are ideal for patients with busy day-to-day lives who need fast treatment with immediate results.

Contact us for veneers in London

If your teeth are chipped, jagged, or discoloured in a way that professional whitening can’t fix, then veneers in London are likely to be just what you need to restore an even white smile.

Whether you’re interested in porcelain veneers or composite veneers, we have plenty of experience in providing both cosmetic dental treatments here at The Dental Centre. Our team will be happy to discuss the most suitable option for you during a consultation.

Depending on the current condition of your teeth and the number of dental veneers you require – some patients only want one or two front teeth covering, while others want to cover 6–8 teeth – we can recommend a treatment plan to meet your needs and budget.

To arrange a consultation for veneers in London, or to make enquiries about any of our available treatments and payment options, please give our practice a call on 020 7380 0034.

You can also email queries to [email protected], or scroll down and complete the contact form below with your details and we’ll get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You won’t have to worry about your new teeth looking fake when you come to a reputable dentist for veneers in London. Our skilled team at The Dental Centre is capable of crafting and fitting realistic-looking veneers that blend right in with the rest of your teeth.
While we want to give you the symmetrical white smile you’ve been dreaming of, it’s important to achieve the appropriate shape, thickness, finish, and shade to make the veneers look natural.
That’s why we carefully design your veneers – with your input and final approval, of course – to fit in with your natural teeth as closely as possible. Veneers can be prepared with a subtle texture to the surface and polished to a low shine so they really do look just like the real teeth around them.
If there is a unique element to your teeth that you don’t want to lose, such as the specific shape, we can work with you to create veneers that maintain your authentic smile.

One of the many reasons that patients choose to get veneers in London is to disguise severe discolouration that cannot be treated any other way. However, once the tooth is prepared and the porcelain veneer is bonded, neither the tooth underneath nor the veneer material covering it can be whitened.
This is why we advise patients to consider teeth whitening before undergoing the veneers procedure, as the bespoke veneers can be colour-matched to your new whiter tooth shade instead of the previous shade that you weren’t happy with.
The stain-resistant veneer material should not become discoloured as easily as real tooth enamel, but it can still stain over time if patients don’t look after their veneers properly – for example, regularly consuming highly pigmented food and drinks.
You may have to continue whitening your natural teeth to maintain the same shade as your veneers. If the veneers themselves become discoloured, you should book a consultation with us to assess whether their whiteness can be restored with a professional cleaning or if replacement veneers will be required.

High-quality veneers in London that are created and applied by specialists like the team at The Dental Centre are durable enough to last a long time. However, their longevity will depend on how well you look after them – from maintaining your oral hygiene routine to avoiding pigmented, hard, or sticky foods.
If you keep up these good habits, your veneers could last for up to 7–15 years before they need repairing or replacing.
As the teeth underneath have had some enamel removed to make space for the veneers, you cannot leave your teeth exposed if the veneers are removed. This means you must commit to getting replacement veneers periodically throughout your lifetime.
If you ever experience an accident that damages or breaks a veneer, or find that they become discoloured or feel looser over the years, be sure to come back for an assessment to ensure they can be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Here at The Dental Centre, the cost of veneers in London starts at £875 per tooth for traditional veneers, while composite veneers can start from £250 per tooth.
Both are subject to prior assessment, as an examination is required to determine the condition of the teeth in question before an individual price can be provided for the necessary treatment.
If you are concerned about the price of veneers, there are various payment options available at The Dental Centre to ensure this treatment is still accessible for you.
For example, we offer Denplan memberships, which include selected treatments for a monthly fee and come with the member-exclusive benefit of a discount on other procedures.
We also partner with Chrysalis Finance Ltd to offer dental finance to patients who would rather pay for veneers in monthly instalments than upfront, with interest-free plans available.
Simply ask us to talk through your payment options when we design your personal treatment plan following your initial consultation.

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