Going to The Dentist While Studying at University

You know that good oral hygiene practices like eating healthy, brushing twice every day and flossing can prevent tooth decay. However, as a busy UCL student, you may be giving some of those a miss.

Staying up late to finish your assignments and going straight to bed without attending to your regular night-time routine may become commonplace. Or, your dental health may suffer from excessive intake of sugary or starchy foods.

So, it is crucial that you pay more attention. And, making things easier for you is the UCL student support. The university’s partner dental practice, The Dental Centre, offers NHS services and oral hygiene exclusively to UCL students.

A History of UCL Support

UCL makes the wellbeing of students a top priority. If you have any problems – physical or mental help issues – consulting an advisor is a quick process through UCL’s Student Support and Wellbeing.

If something is affecting your ability to study, UCL’s Disability, Mental Health and Wellbeing (DMHW) allows you to seek the appropriate advice without delay. You can get same-day appointments for brief enquiries or choose a longer session at a later time.

All your consultations are confidential. Students can make use of UCL support’s free self-help resources or receive crisis support, psychological services, therapeutic counselling and many more.

The expert team of disability and mental health staff are well-equipped to provide any support you need in a non-judgemental space. They can help you deal with psychological and emotional problems like Specific Learning Difficulties and assist you with exam adjustments or disability funding. Likewise, you can also avail of dental care services through UCL support.

UCL Student Dental Services

Apart from education, UCL students have plenty of opportunities to partake in sports, arts, dances, martial arts and other activities. While you are busy juggling your studies and sports training sessions, oral health may take a backseat. Recent surveys show that professional athletes that consume energy bars and sports drinks have poor gum health even if they brush regularly two times a day.

Even if you are busy, it is crucial to visit a UCL dentist to help determine any potential problems and prevent them from turning into worse consequences.

However, there could be geographical or other restrictions that may hinder your search for the right doctor. Moreover, not every dental practice may offer NHS services. You should find out if the dentist in Euston accepts NHS patients.

You can overcome these obstacles with The Dental Centre, which is close to the Students’ Union building. It is located near St Pancras train station at 139 Euston Road. Even if you are eligible for NHS treatment, you may be required to contribute partial costs of your treatment.

As a UCL student, it is advisable to register at The Dental Centre at the beginning of your course and have solid oral hygiene and dental health plan as soon as possible. Fill your details in the form on The Dental Centre website and get an appointment invitation for your initial check-up.

Emergency Appointments

While you can make routine appointments with your dentist Euston, there may be numerous emergencies where you cannot wait. Severe oral pain accidents, oral trauma, swelling of gums, sports injuries to the mouth, loose crowns and other scenarios may require you to seek same-day dental appointments.

For the Euston area, the local hospital to visit in case of accidents and life-threatening emergencies and for immediate, out-of-hours treatment is UCLH. You may go to the A & E if you find yourself in serious circumstances or are in need of surgery at short notice, such as situations involving:

  1. Severe pain
  2. Heavy bleeding
  3. Injury and trauma to your mouth, teeth, jaws, or face

If that is not the case, and you are registered at The Dental Centre as a UCL student, you may contact the facility to schedule your session. Meanwhile, you may perform first aid until you reach the UCL dentists.

You can also visit the practice for drop-in emergency service, but it will be more convenient for you to have a certain period dedicated to any dental procedure. Call the dental surgery emergency dentist on (020) 7679 7186 to book a specific appointment.

Trusted UCL Dentist

The Dental Centre has been working in close partnership with UCL for several decades. The proximity of this modern dental practice to the heart of the campus, expert staff and a relaxed environment make it a perfect choice for you.

The practice offers exclusive NHS dental service to UCL students and extends diverse private dental care and oral hygiene services to students and staff of UCL as well as the public like Private and Denplan treatment.

The team’s high-quality services and commitment are proven by the fact that they are the only Central London dental practice to hold Denplan Excel Accreditation, approved by the Patients’ Association, consistently for ten years.

Your UCL dentists offer free initial check-ups for patients 18 of age and under. Subsequent treatments are also available free of charge under the NHS. UCL students over 19 years of age can access NHS Dentistry at prices starting from £22.70.

From tooth whitening to Invisalign treatment and wisdom tooth extraction to mouth cancer screening, you have everything in one place. The dental team possess high standards of professional qualification and can tailor health advice specific to your student lifestyle. In a transparent, two-way communication, they recommend the right treatment options or suggest leading experts for specialized treatment.

International students can also receive dental care from the practice without having to wait to return home and see their dentist. You have a friendly environment providing you with a dental home whilst you pursue studies at UCL.

Dental Care for UCL Students

Oral health can affect the overall wellness of your body. Work with an experienced and qualified dental team that understands your needs and lifestyle as a UCL student. Contact The Dental Centre, the trusted UCL partner for over 60 years, for individualized care by giving a call on (020) 7380 0034 or register here.