Tooth Whitening for London


teeth whiteningTeeth whitening , or what is sometimes known as teeth bleaching is one of the few treatments in  cosmetic dentistry  which almost anyone can have. So if you have dark, yellow or brown teeth and want them to be lighter and whiter then teeth bleaching/whitening  is possibly the right treatment to you.

Teeth whitening can be a highly effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface as is necessary with dental veneers or dental crowns.

The total bleaching treatment can be done within three to four weeks in our Euston, London based practice. The dentist initially makes a mouth guard, known as a bleaching tray, and will take impressions for this at the first appointment. Once the dentist has started the treatment you will need to continue it at home. This means regularly applying the whitening product over 8 evenings at your convenience, for 30 minutes to one hour at a time.

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Teeth bleaching kits & trays

Whenever we provide whitening/bleaching  within our practice this is in kit form, with the kit comprising of a bleaching tray and a hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide whitening gel. The gel is at a very specific concentration which is enough to lighten your teeth, and as long as  it is not abused, is kind to the surrounding gums.

You will always get instructions with the  bleaching kit which will tell you how long each day you will need to wear the trays with the gel inside in order to whiten your teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening

This is indeed one of the most common forms of teeth bleaching and whitening on the market. However please do not assume that you can use regular hydrogen peroxide to bleach your teeth. There are a few videos on YouTube where people describe how they have whitened their teeth using conventional hydrogen peroxide, this is very dangerous as it is highly likely to burn the soft tissue or gums around your teeth.

The bleaching gel which is provided to dentists is exclusively for the use of dentists and dental practices and cannot be obtained legally anywhere else. This means you can be totally assured that the whitening treatment you will receive from The Dental Centre London will whiten your teeth to the shape you require all under the care of our gentle dental practice.

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Teeth whitening side-effects

The most common side effect from teeth whitening and bleaching is sensitivity. The good thing with the home whitening system we offer is that you are in full control of the whitening process yourself. If you find that your teeth become too sensitive then you simply stop the treatment. Generally speaking people may find that sensitivity arises for a day or so after they have finished whitening, and then  rapidly subsides.

This is one of the other reasons you should always attend a dentist of your teeth whitening treatment, and not go to a non-qualified dental beautician or even hair salon. These people are not trained to deal with sensitivity of the teeth should this occur.

Very occasionally you may get some irritation of the gum around the teeth where the whitening gel touches it. The way we design our whitening trays is in such a way to ensure that the gel does not leak out onto the gum area, therefore minimising any risk of gum irritation as a side-effect from teeth bleaching.

People that live and work in London often have high pressured jobs where looking good is important, and whitening teeth is a great way of helping confidence.

Is teeth whitening available on the NHS?

Tooth whitening is not available on the NHS so we recommend you get a written estimate of the costs before starting any treatment. The effects of whitening are thought to last up to three years but this will vary from person to person. The effect is less likely to last not as long if you smoke or drink or eat products that can stain your teeth. Please ask your dentists for their opinions at the initial consultation.