The Dental Centre at the University College London has been established for more than 50 years. Dr Jones has been Principal of the Practice for over 24 years and over this time has modernised the Practice with great customer service as our focus. We bring a wealth of experience and high standards of professional qualification to enhance your dental treatment experience and we are constantly encouraging our team to develop their skills and fulfil their potential as individuals.

Denplan Excel Accreditation

We are committed to offering you the highest level of care and our Denplan Excel Accreditation is a visible sign of this commitment. The accreditation programme provides tools and structures to help us communicate with you about your oral health in a simple and effective way. It helps us to ensure that you can participate in and understand all aspects of your oral health, providing you with quality assured dentistry. It includes a patient survey – an anonymous survey to assure you that your views are gathered, valued and acted on – and the Oral Health Score to help you keep track of your oral health. Being a part of the Denplan Quality Programme ensures that we are practising in line with the latest recommendations and are committed to continuous improvement.

Denplan Excel is the only independently validated clinical governance accreditation programme recognised by the British Dental Health Foundation. (www.dentalhealth.org)

Denplan Excel is viewed by the Care Quality Commission in England as a ‘key indicator of quality’ and also has the following benefits:

– a practice assessment every 18 months, which is an excellent risk management tool that helps ensure compliance with clinical governance and assures you that we are meeting or exceeding statutory requirements.

– a structured programme of continual monitoring and improvement.

– a patient survey of all NHS, private and Denplan patients which allows you to understand our patients’ views about their care and compare our results with other Denplan Excel accredited practices nationwide. It also helps us to identify and target any improvements that may be required at the Dental Centre.

Staff satisfaction as well as staff and team performance is directly related to effective communication and we aim to provide high quality dental care to all our patients with the help of our committed and capable team. We would like to help you enjoy excellent oral health and can offer:

  • Passionate dedication to clinical and technical excellence.
  • Excellent customer care with a reassuring manner and a caring attitude.
  • A range of treatment options specifically tailored to your needs and requirements.
  • Access to a carefully chosen range of leading specialists who will help us fulfil all your dental needs.
  • Clear written estimates of treatment costs
  • A modern, relaxed and comfortable environment.

Please refer to their website for further details of all that Denplan can offer:
Click here to visit their website www.denplan.co.uk.

Mouth Cancer Screening Accreditation

We have recently been accredited by the mouth cancer foundation and the scheme has helped our practice really focus their attention on the subject of Mouth Cancer.We undertook a comprehensive evening training session with our whole team to make sure that everyone completely understood the importance of screening for mouth cancer. Our team is focused on giving the best quality care, and the accreditation scheme has only enhanced our profile in this respect. It is important to stress to our patients that we are always routinely screening for mouth cancer and that screening is checking for cancer before any symptoms are showing. It is a vital part of our comprehensive check up that we are emphasising more to our patients. It is important for everyone to recognise that if abnormal tissue or cancer is found early, it may be easier to treat. By the time symptoms appear, cancer may have begun to spread. The number of deaths from oral cancer has slowly decreased over the past 30 years and this is as a direct result of organisations such as the Mouth Cancer Accreditation scheme raising awareness. Evidence shows that new cases of mouth cancer are increasing year on year in this country.

Please see their website www.mouthcancerfoundation.org for more information





We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for our regulated activities and our full Statement of Purpose can be accessed here .