The Importance Of Finding A Dental Home For You And Your Family

As we all strive to live healthier lives looking after your family’s dental health needs should be towards the top of your list. The link between dental disease and overall body health has become clear in recent years, according to many sources, so it’s never been a better time to find a dental home that can help you and your family look after your smile and keep your body healthy.

What is a dental home?

In order to keep your teeth healthy you need to ensure that you continually visit the dentist and/or dental hygienist. These dental professionals can work with you to monitor, maintain and advise you on how to look after your teeth, this process becomes easier when you establish a relationship with these people. If your dentist and hygienist know you as a person, including the type of lifestyle usually then they can advise you on the best way to look after your teeth that fits your lifestyle. Having a dental home means you get a completely individualised and tailored approach to your dental health.

5 reasons why you should find a good dental home
1. Prevention is better than cure

Gum disease can kill more than your smile.

There are so many diseases around the body which are connected to your dental health including:

  • Stroke.
  • Respiratory disease.
  • Heart disease.
  • Diabetes.
  • Ulcers.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Arthritis.

Take a look at the following video where Whoopi Goldberg talks about gum disease and its affects around the body, unfortunately she speaks from painful personal experience.

Preventing dental disease from starting  in the first place is always the best way. Our top tips for preventing dental disease are:

  1. Find a dental home that you can call your own.
  2. Use an electric toothbrush, these tend to clean more effectively than a manual one.
  3. Ensure you clean in between your teeth using either interdental brushes or floss and follow the advice your dental hygienist.
  4. Give up smoking as this is directly linked to gum disease, bad breath and yellow teeth.
  5. Consider fluoride therapy, please ask your dentist.
  6. Drink plenty of water, this helps to neutralise any acid include, keeps your body hydrated and helps to keep breath odours reduced.
  7. Chew sugarfree gum as it helps to prevent cavities in your teeth, but do this in moderation!
  8. Drink Fizzy drinks through a straw, this keeps them away from your teeth as much as possible.
  9. Wait at least 20 min before brushing your teeth after eating, this gives your teeth time to recover after the acid attack.
2. Your own dental accident and emergency centre

Most dental practices will have a preferential emergency service for registered patients of the practice. If you don’t have a regular dentist and experience some form of dental emergency at an unsociable time you may find it difficult to find an appropriate dentist. If your dental emergency is severe, with a tooth has been knocked out or severe bleeding thing you always should visit your local hospital accident and emergency department. But if you are in moderate pain or have an obvious infection then you are advised to see your dentist first.

3. A holistic treatment approach

Whilst it is always possible to treat each tooth individually, it’s always best to have a holistic treatment approach, for example – If you have a tooth with a problem and the solution is to remove the tooth then one option is to simply have teeth out and be finished with treatment. The problem with this treatment is that there is no plan, the tooth is simply being removed which can result in further problems (please see our previous blog post on the problems with missing teeth).

Therefore, if you’re going to have a tooth out the holistic approach would be to consider what you’re going to do afterwards. There are many instances with dental treatments where we need to plan a series of treatments in succession, rather than just perform one and not think about what follows. Keeping to a dental home and seeing the same dentist ensures that your dental health is looked after with a planned approach by one person.

4. Convenience

It’s not always that you can plan your dental visits, sometimes you may need to visit your dentist at short notice due to some form of dental problem which presents itself to you. Having a dental home means you have a friendly dental team, on hand, that know you and whom you can contact at your convenience Without having to suddenly rushed to Google to look for a local dentist.

5. The best relationship

This is one of the most important factors for us, as dental professionals we are here to look after your dental health and ensure that you stay as fit as possible. When we see the same person on an ongoing basis would build a relationship with you, it’s inevitable really. That relationship helps us get to know you, understand you and offer you care that is tailored to your needs. Building a relationship with your dentist and dental team is one of the best ways of ensuring that you stay in good dental health.