Fluoride In Drinking Water Helps Reduce Tooth Decay In Adults

Research in Australia has found new evidence that fluoride in drinking water IS effective in preventing dental decay, and more particularly for those adults who have been exposed to fluoride for most of their life. This is in addition to the already established evidence that fluoride in drinking water already has dental benefits for children and is the first time that research has conclusively shown this in adults.

Conducted at the University of Adelaide’s School for Dentistry, experts studied data from the largest selection of the adult population to date, born between 1960 and 1990 during which period implementation of water fluoridation increased significantly and found that adults who were exposed to fluoride for more than 75% of their life had 30% less tooth decay than those exposed for less than 25% of their life.

It was also noted that even those people who were born before water fluoridation existed have since received some benefit in their lifetime.