What Is Teeth Bonding?

What is Teeth Bonding? Did you know that your teeth have one of the toughest substances in your body? This happens to be the outer covering of your teeth called the enamel. Its toughness allows you to tear up and break down food into smaller digestible portions. Despite this toughness, it also has its limits. … Read more

The Importance Of Finding A Dental Home For You And Your Family

As we all strive to live healthier lives looking after your family’s dental health needs should be towards the top of your list. The link between dental disease and overall body health has become clear in recent years, according to many sources, so it’s never been a better time to find a dental home that … Read more

The Causes And Prevention Of Teeth Grinding Problems

Do you grind your teeth during the day? How about grinding them at night? If you do it can disturb your partner whilst they sleep, destroy your teeth and cause headaches, so it is worthwhile seeing if you can resolve this problem and stop your teeth grinding habits. What causes teeth grinding? Many studies have … Read more