Principal Dentist
Dr C K Jones (BDS London)

Dr Jones (GDC number 56180) qualified from the Royal London Dental Hospital in 1981 and spent time both in hospital service and general practice before being appointed by University College London in 1985 as one of their dentists. Two years later she was appointed by UCL to become the Principal Dentist and has been managing The Dental Centre for the last 24 years.

Dr Jones has detailed knowledge and experience in all aspects of general practice and her interests are varied.

Aesthetic Dentistry

In addition to all your general Dentistry needs, Dr Jones can offer specialist interest in advanced restorative dentistry and the field of occlusion. She treats patients with headaches, neckache and muscle problems, in particular to the jaw joint with splints (Gnathological Splints )
With all aspects of her clinical work she is keen to work on prevention and hence has introduced a committed hygiene programme for all our patients.
Her aim is to provide the highest level of care to all our patients at the Dental Centre. She also works with leading London specialists in the following fields:

We use leading laboratories in both Harley Street, London and the City Centre.
Outside dentistry Dr Jones has two grown up daughters and is a keen keep fit and yoga enthusiast. Cookery and travelling are her other passions.

London Dentist Dr Kala Jones is able to help with:

  1. Keeping your smile healthy. We can help to keep your smile healthy and fresh for life by:
    1. Routine dental health appointments with appointments available throughout the day, particularly useful if you work in London and have a busy schedule.
    2. Enrolling you on our dental membership plan.
    3. Regular visits to the dental hygienist.
  2. Straightening crooked teeth. If you have crooked or misaligned teeth we have a range of options including:
    1. Clear braces with Invisalign.
    2. Dental bonding to correct minor misalignment.
    3. Dental veneers to correct misalignment, dark teeth and to alter the shape of teeth.
  3. Replacing missing teeth. To replace a single or multiple missing teeth we can do this using:
    1. Dental implants.
    2. Dental bridges.
    3. Cosmetic dentures.
  4. Brightening your smile. To brighten and refresh your smile with cosmetic dentistry we can use:
    1. Teeth whitening to whiten teeth.
    2. Dental bonding or dental veneers to change the shape of teeth.
    3. Dental bonding, veneers or orthodontics to rearrange crooked or misaligned teeth.

See what Dr Jones’ London dental practice looks like

London dental practice reception

Our dentist’s reception area

London dentist's waiting area

A relaxing place to wait for your dentist

The dental surgeries

We work in the most modern clinical environment

Meet our other London dentists

Dr Jones works with other dentists in the London area from the same practice in Euston, you can see the profiles of each of these dentists by clicking on their profile links in the menu.
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