Chaperone Policy at The Dental Centre London

This practice is committed to providing a safe, supportive environment for patients.

When examining or treating patients, the practitioner will aim to have someone else, preferably a GDC registered team member, present in the room. The primary purpose of having a chaperone is to assist in the unlikely event of a medical emergency.

If patients would like to bring a chaperone with them, they are very welcome to bring someone with them to their appointment.

A chaperone can also:

  • Assist the practitioner
  • Provide emotional comfort and reassurance to the patient
  • Act as an interpreter
  • Be a third party in case there is a necessity to provide evidence about the treatment or appointment
  • In exceptional circumstances it may not be possible to have a chaperone present for out of hours medical emergencies and in these cases the clinician involved will assess the possible risks to the patient before starting treatment.
If a practitioner routinely works without a chaperone, a risk assessment has been carried out, and control measures have been put in place.